rMAPS is a web server that systematically generates RNA-maps for the analysis of RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) binding sites which have position-dependent functions. Users can easily perform analysis of binding sites around differential alternative splicing events for over 100 of known RBPs. rMAPS can also analyze CLIP-seq peaks around differential alternative splicing events to generate an RNA-map of CLIP-seq experiment.

Overall pipeline of rMAPS
[ Overall pipeline of rMAPS ]

The initial development of rMAPS started at the Xing Laboratory of RNA Genomics and Bioinformatics, led by Yi Xing at UCLA. The project is now maintained by Bioinformatics Lab and Bioinformatics Core at the University of Louisville, led by Juw Won Park and Eric Rouchka.


7/14/2017: Release of rMAPS v1.0.6
      Fixed a bug related to handling “User Input” option in Moif Map.

3/28/2017: Release of rMAPS v1.0.5
      MotifMap plots are sorted by minimum p-value (up vs bg) of each RBP on the target exon region.
        RBP with the smallest p-value on the target exon appears first.
      To facilitate candidate RBP search process, MotifMap now provides text files listing RBPs with their
        smallest p-values in three regions of interest. (i.e., upstream intron, target exon, and downstream intron.)
        Users can sort text files by a column (region) to find RBPs significantly enriched in that region.

3/13/2017: Release of rMAPS v1.0.3
      Added downloadable p-Value lists.
      A result shows plots by minumum p-Values in MotifMAP.

5/2/2016: Release of rMAPS v1.0.1
      Added more assemblies (dm6, rn6, ce11, and danRer10).
      Added test-statistics to the plots.

1/5/2016: Release of rMAPS v1.0.0
      rMAPS now works with “hg38” assembly.

1/2/2016: Release of rMAPS v0.0.9
      The first version of rMAPS Web Services.


Park JW, Jung S, Rouchka EC, Tseng Y, and Xing Y., rMAPS: RNA Map Analysis and Plotting Server for Alternative Exon Regulation., Nucleic Acids Research 2016 doi: 10.1093/nar/gkw410


Correspondences should be directed to Prof. Juw Won Park. ( juw {dot} park {at} louisville {dot} edu )